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A night of epic fails… by Mikael
July 10, 2012, 10:15 pm
Filed under: Family, RaNdOm, Singing, Venting

Nearly two hours ago:

Man, I’m so pumped for The Middle Finger Project copywriting course. Couldn’t make it on Saturday so I’m ready for this Tuesday class. Bring it on. Superb idea! Arrive early … wait… class is wrapping up? Did I miss something? A timezone or two? Maybe?


Just barely:

Italics indicate me singing/recording Secondhand White Baby Grande. Parenthesis are silent thoughts/actions and bold text is what I said. If you’d rather just listen to what happened, click here for the failed recording.

So now I wake up every day and see her standing there just waiting for a partner to compose…

(cue my mother walking in at 9:35.)

and I wish my mother still could hear that sound beyond compare… to pray ..

(dammit I messed up the words!)

I’m singing. I’m almost done.

(Mom says that my stepdad is already in bed… 25 minutes too early. I will sing quieter.)

Something secondhand and broken can still make a pretty sound, don’t we all deserve

(mom says to stop again… I heard you the first time but I’m not done yet! The song is almost over, woman!)

It’s almost done!

…room to live. Oh, the words are still unspoken.

(this recording is crap now… thanks)

Balls squared.

I’d like a better day tomorrow, thanks. And a contract that tells me exactly what time everything is happening so I don’t A) feel like an idiot, and B) not get illogically mad at people for going to bed too early (sorry for the anger, family!).

If only I could afford my own place now


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I know the feeling, dollface. I’m positive I’d be more productive if I had my own space. Tomorrow is the great experiement: I have a lunch date in Gainesville, 45 minutes from my house. It’d be silly to drove home and then back for dance class, so I’m taking my laptop and writing in a coffee shop. Like a REAL writer. Hopefully. Bummer on missing copywriting class and people going to bed too early. Sometimes you can’t win for losing.

Comment by onegirlvaudeville

We need our own space! We need our own space! Haha… Dude! Writing in a coffee shop sounds awesome. That’s one of my favorite ways to work. Hope you have fun with the lunch date, dancing and writing like a pro. ;)

Comment by Mikael

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