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Childhood Summer Vacations – Blog Swap by Taylor
July 24, 2012, 10:00 am
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Hey MikShorty followers!

Mikael and I are partaking in a blog swap via 20 Something Bloggers! Hope you enjoy my Childhood Summer Vacation tale!

Growing up my family and I always went “up-north” to my Grandma’s cottage in the Muskokas. Have you ever been to the Muskokas? A mere four-hour-drive from my home-town, it’s a place unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. One minute you’re driving along the very busy 401, and the next your on twisting roads next to looming rock-faces.

As a child, four hours always felt like an eternity. My parents set us up with portable DVD players as a way to ease our boredom, but after a two-hour disney movie it was hard to keep quiet.

But, the drive was still part of the fun. Sure, getting to the lake was always exciting, but our family trip would never be complete without our annual stop at Webers.

Always a long line-up

On highway-11, Weber’s is a small, yet extremely busy, hamburger joint. I remember loving the process of waiting in line, placing your order and watching them as they flipped the burgers right in front of you. Then, we would go eat our meal on the massive green-lawn with other families and their dogs.

That was when it really felt like we were on vacation.

Of course, as a child, Webers always meant cottage. Although we still had an hour drive or so ahead of us, to us kids we were already there. I’m sure my parents thought of leaving us at Webers a few times because of our incessant “are we there yet”‘s.

Arriving at Grandmas we would run up the stairs and give Gma a hug and Mitsy, her golden-lab, would bark. The air in the Muskokas was humid and smelled “green” (I don’t know how else to describe it). The cicadas were always buzzing in the background, and within minutes a black-fly or mosquito would buzz by my ear and the city-girl inside me would cringe.

Usually we would spend a full week in cottage country, and every year there was a new adventure. One year I met a couple of sisters at the local beach, and spent my vacation with them and their family. But all these years later and I can’t seem to remember their names.

One year we took out some ATV’s and drove through the back-hills. It was a lot of fun, and I was even allowed to drive one!

One year my friend Leah came along, and we went “tree-fishing” (it’s when you cast a line and it gets caught in the tree), we made it up.

The beach was only a 10 minute walk away (up-hill on the way back), the water was clean and there was always plenty

Baby and I have only ever separated for a mere 6 months.

of splashing, laughter, delicious food (yum, fresh-blueberry pancakes), and many dead lady-bugs that scattered the floors of the upstairs bedrooms.

Going back to Grandmas every summer was a trip down memory lane. It was the first place I met “baby”, my beloved doll with whom I never separated; not even when I went away to University. It was the place where I learned to fish and hook the worms the boys didn’t want to touch. It’s the place where you woke up every morning in a freezing cold house, but by mid-day were sweating from the heat. It was the place where every summer I curled up on the couch and watched “Cool Runnings” as it was the only “good” movie my Grandma seemed to own.

Looking back on my summers at Grandmas, I always smile.

It was paradise. It was a place we could be kids. It was a place I can only now recall in my memories.

My brother at the lake.

After a week in the great north we would be sunburned, have too many mosquito bites to count, and sand permanently in our hair. However, despite all of this, we hated leaving the lake. Immediately we would start counting the days until we would be back; anticipating webers, beach-days, mosquito bites and all.

It’s been quite a few years since I swam in that lake, tasted fresh-blueberries, or enjoyed a summer “up-north”, and it saddens me to think that it’s been so many years since I forged these memories. But looking back on it now, I know that it won’t be too long until I am creating more of these fond memories with my own family, mosquito bites and all.

What type of child vacation memories do you have? Share them with Mik Shorty and I.

Check out Mikael’s post over at my blog here!

Happy Blogging!

Taylor from Tay in Europe.


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That sounds like the funnest summer vacation! Im jealous your Gma’s house is so close to the beach. I hope you get to go back there really soon!
Man… you put in so many amazing details. I especially like the cicadas. You’re a definite storyteller. Love it! Thanks for your blog swap post, Tay!

Comment by Mikael

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Wow. That is quite a line-up for burgers.

Comment by Peter DeWolf

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