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Blips of August by Mikael
September 3, 2012, 8:07 pm
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August was…

VEDA-filled. And all the excitement over everything!

To see all my VEDA videos, go here! Quite an accomplishment and the people I met through it are amazing. Gonna miss seeing their lovely faces every day! And if any of you are reading (HI!!!!!), please post your blogs in the comments so I can find you! :)

Back in voice lessons. Lots of best friend time. Super fun and challenging staff retreat at the Utah Olympic Park. Surprise visit from my dad and step-mom. Re-watching Vampire Diaries. Lots of Red Mango. Funny #winetoreach moments with VEDA folk. First time in Google hangouts. Finished an instrumental track for one of my songs! Feeling all official at work.

Blasts from the pasts at a diner. Permission to date my best friend’s ex (awkward…). Trying out Chatroulette.com for the first time (saw no penises, thank God). Sampled the Whole30 for a few days. Tried to train myself to wake up earlier (it was awful). Got my ASCAP membership all certified four years later. Working on the Life in Utah magazine! And I found a place to live in SLC with a housemate! 

The end of the TMFProject Copywriting Workshop (sad face–but I feel all knowledgeable and shit now!). Awesome Utah Publicity Summit. Two full moons!

Stupid cold. Stomach problems flaring up again. People getting my name and gender wrong. Twitter clean out (it had to be done).

Books Finished: Savor by Megan Duncan.

Shows Seen: Aida. 9 to 5, the Musical. Common at the Twilight Concert Series. Clayton Production’s Synergy Post-tour concert.

New Movies Watched: Megamind. Dark Knight Rises (again). The Amazing Spiderman (yes, again!). The LEGO Story.

New Obsessions: Red Mango peanut butter yogurt. Paul Wesley.

Top 5 Posts from Something Write: Proud to be Crazy!, Gentle One, don’t hate me, What path less traveled? and that one first kiss. Honorable mention: love is… 

*   *   *

Blips are a great way to remember the little things from each month so I can have something to look back on. Here are the others from 2012:

January ~ February ~ March ~ April ~ May ~ June ~ July

*   *   *

What is your most memorable moment from August?


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I tried peanut butter fro yo last week and holy hell was it delicious. Sprinkle a few mini chocolate chips on it and I might actually die and go to heaven right there on the spot.

Comment by terrabear (@terrabear)

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