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Come back #VEDA productivity! by Mikael

So I know VEDA was last month, but it was still quite the adventure. I met some awesome people through the loveliness of the interwebs and it was all fun and games until my Macbook nearly died from all the videos.

Just kidding. Sabrina is much stronger than that.

But… and that’s a big but… I realized something. I’m not sure if it’s connected to VEDA or not, but I’d like to say it is just because that’s how the timing worked out.

I got a lot of shit done in August. Really. Aside from my 40+ hours just MAKING videos (not watching–that number is a lot more frightening and I don’t want to fess up to it… fine, I don’t wanna count!), my determination to get shit done was kind of remarkable.

  • A big work project was finally finished and I laid a ton of groundwork for my next one.
  • I finally set the instrumental track to a song I wrote a couple years ago (and it sounds amazing!).
  • Got back into voice lessons. Finally got my ASCAP membership and all other music licensing crap out of the way (for the most part).
  • And I knuckled down in my house hunt and found a killer place to move into in Salt Lake City.

All the while obsessing about this beautiful man …

And hanging with my wacky friends whom I love with all my heart.

So… I’m wondering if because VEDA sucked up a lot of my time, I worked/played a lot harder in the time I did have not glued to my computer. The bonus there is that the things I focused on were things that I’m really passionate about. How does this happen?

So whether or not my productivity was affected by my participation in VEDA is yet to be seen… but that determination has kind of gone out like a popped balloon. I kind of want it back.

Maybe it’s just the cold that’s kicking my butt. Who knows…

Nighty night!


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I’m embarrassed to ask – who’s the handsome man? I feel like I should know him.

Also: productivity is great! VEDA wiped me out but I kiss seeing your (and others’) face(s).

Comment by San

That handsome man is Paul Wesley — he plays Stefan Salvatore in Vampire Diaries. Don’t be embarrassed, I had no idea of who he was until a couple of months ago.
I kiss your face too! Haha, well, I miss you too. ;)

Comment by Mikael

Oops… don’t you love the iphone autocorrect?? :)

Comment by San

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