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Dork Stamp ~ I’m a Locker by Mikael

For years, I’ve had the automatic habit of locking the door behind me. This is largely because of things that happened when doors weren’t locked and things disappeared (but let’s not get into that…).

Now that little habit has both embarrassed me and made me laugh.

Last week, I went with my company’s COO to record our daily radio spots. It was an amazing opportunity to see where she stumbled over the script and how I could tweak my writing to better suite radio recording. A good learning experience, indeed.

Halfway through the recording, a woman gestured to the man operating the magical recording equipment through the studio window. He waved at her to come in… and she couldn’t. Why? Because I locked the door. 

What? Like I said, it’s a habit.

Least to say, we had to stop recording for a few minutes because everyone started laughing at the fact that I locked the door… in a secure studio on a secure floor of a secure building. After a moment of blushing red, I recognized the hilarity of it all. Along with the fact that I’m an utter weirdo.

Not even two minutes later, I sneezed in the middle of a radio spot. Yep, I’m a winner fighting off a lovely sinus infection. Studio: 0, Mikael: 2.

Then afterwards, during the tour he gave me of their whole studio and even my favorite radio station studio (AMAZING!), they kept poking fun at me for it, telling more people what I did. I feel like I’m a target for those kind of jabs a lot… usually for many different things, such as when I sing in the bathroom or say hanging sentences like, “Once, I saw a coffee truck.”

Today, my COO returned from recording next week’s radio spots and informed me that he had the entire exchange recorded. And they had a good laugh about it. Again. *sigh*

So this is my first Dork Stamp I wanted to share… because we are all dorks on some level right? 

Embrace your dorkiness. It not only makes the world a fun place to experience, but also makes it fascinating to get to know other people. 

Your turn… what do you have a Dork Stamp for?


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I love your dorkiness!

I earned my dork stamp at work earlier this week. My coworker’s office was super cold and I said, out loud, “I can feel it seeping through my jeans.” Instant explosive laughter from the lobby. Tiff, or Marketing Coordinator, told me I should probably go to the back and get a new pair of pants. I’m still being teased about it and probably will be for a while :)

By the way, see any coffee trucks lately?

Brandi has one too, she once typed “incest” instead of “indeed” in a text, and now that’s all we write to each other in texts :)

Comment by sheadaisy

When do we not have TWSS moments??? LOL That is awesome. And nope… no coffee trucks. I love the incest!! I text Brandi that on occasion! :)

Comment by Mikael

Oh my. I guess it could be worse? ;)

Comment by San

Oh, yeah. Haha!

Comment by Mikael

[…] Dork Stamp ~ I’m a Locker […]

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