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From Peter ~ Sticky Wicket Spandex by Mikael

So I have this buddy whom I affectionately call Peter. Because his name is Peter Dewolf. And he kind of rocks my socks especially ever since we did VEDA together a couple of months ago. I think we’d make great friends in real life. :)

Anyways… I’ve been a fan of his blog/writing for quite a while (and I can’t thank him enough for his comments on my Something Write blog). So I’d like to welcome him to share a little fiction today! Enjoy!

* * *

Sticky Wicket Spandex

He’s always been competitive. He once even bet on a cricket match. He doesn’t know the rules to cricket. He’s played every other team sport imaginable. He even made up a sport of his own when he was a kid. But he stopped playing after he and his dog got into a fight when Duke wouldn’t follow the instructions.

He pulls on his overpriced t-shirt that is supposed to wick away the sweat. He wonders if it really does. Then he realizes that he has no idea what exactly wicking would entail, so he can’t really disprove the claim.

She stands in the doorway and watches. He is barely aware of her.

He pulls on his spandex shorts.

“Oh my,” she says.

“Mmmhmmm,” he replies.

He puts a glove on. He adjusts it. And again. He closes the velcro tightly. He makes a fist.

He reaches in the fridge and places a Gatorade on the table. Then a Powerade. She passes him a G2. He nods.

“Thanks, babe,” he says.

“Of course.”

“Can you pass me those thirty-seven power pars?”


He inventories them. Apple. Blueberry. Apple-Blueberry. Strawberry. Apple strawberry. And the one that tastes like wet newspaper.

He checks his reflection in the toaster. He fixes his hair. Then he puts on a baseball cap.

He hits “play” on iTunes and Guns n’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle” explodes from the speakers.

He closes his eyes and nods along to the music.

“Playing Spanish Bingo online again?” she asks.

“It’s binguez, sheesh,” he replies, sitting down at his computer.

“Don’t forget to stretch first.”

Isn’t he a hoot? I love twisty fiction… totally thought he was going to run a marathon or something. ;) Thanks for the laugh, Peter!


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You know, some of us poet-y types should band together and do a project one of these days. Hmmmm.

Comment by Peter DeWolf

Agreed, good sir!

Comment by Mikael

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