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A Declaration of NaNoWriMo & Poll by Mikael

Yep, you read that title correctly.

This year I will be attempting the monstrous beast where writers aim to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Ambitious, right? Hopefully I’ll be able to keep my head, as well as my fingers and arms.

Surely you’ve heard of National Novel Writing Month before? If you haven’t, you obviously aren’t a writer. But I like you anyway!

Last year was an epic fail when I tried it for the first time. I chose a really bad time to attempt NaNoWriMo–amidst applying for grad schools and when I was in Thoroughly Modern Millie. I made it about a week then I decided my creative juices needed to go to my grad school applications… And see how that little plan panned out? Yep, it didn’t (total waste!).

So this year, with no real commitments other than my job (yet), I’m doing it again. One of my goals is to write a novel… so I’m committing myself to 30 days of writing torture bliss! This is my official contract, effective Nov. 1 – 30, and I’ve signed it with bright red permanent marker.

I’ve even put my region’s Write-In dates on my calendar so I can join the other NaNoWriMo people in Salt Lake. All this just to get an insane number of words down on one of my stories.

Which leads me to my first problem–which story to focus on. 

This is where YOU come in. I need to do a poll because I can’t decide which idea I want to stick with for a whole month. Here my ideas:

1 ~ An anthology of short stories called Isle of Dreams featuring young’uns and some sort of magic; preferably one per day, if not every other day. To get an idea: here’s the first story that would preface the whole thing.

2 ~ A story of a special shape-shifting group of people, centered on one girl who is unlike the rest of her kind… and everyone is after her for it. I call it Scaled and I anticipate it becoming a series. Here’s a snippet.

3 ~ A galaxy-hopping-ish story that came to me in a dream. I call it 23 Hours. Here’s a snippet and the first couple chapters on Figment.

4 ~ The WIP I attempted last year. Title to be determined; I just call it ORB.  Here’s an outline. Anybody steal it and you die.

As you can see, girl has too many ideas and not enough self-control to just focus on one at a time without proper motivation (aka: NaNoWriMo).

What idea should I focus on for NaNoWriMo? I only have until November 1 to decide so… help me by voting please! Which story would you most like to read?

Just pick one and comment or tweet me with your choice. 

So… who else is doing NaNoWriMo? ;)

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I am contemplating doing this but … well those are just excuses. Anyway I like #3. Good luck Mikael and have fun!

Comment by Mark

No more excuses! Do it! :)

Comment by Mikael

#3 would be awesome!

Comment by sarcasticallybitter

Man… #3 seems to be popular. May I ask why that’s your vote? :)

Comment by Mikael

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