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Blips of October by Mikael
November 5, 2012, 6:08 pm
Filed under: A Little Me, Blips, Fitness, Friends, Good Things, Holidays!, Remembering, Writing

Yeah, I know I’m super behind on this. In my defense, I’m ahead in my NaNoWriMo word count! Yay! That’s why I took 20 minutes to finish this up today…

October was…

Overwhelming magical-ness.

Getting used to feeling well after spending a month sick. Back into workouts! Discovery of Salt Lake Power Yoga and sweaty sweaty goodness. A Zumba audition. A Jazz national anthem audition. Scarlet Pimpernel audition. None successful–something amazing must be waiting for me. ;) Insightful voice lessons. Starting composing/writing a Christmas song. Trivia Tuesdays with the Amazeballs trio. New shoes! A cleaning splurge. Uncorking wine mishap. Dork Stamps. Uncorking wine victory. 

Farmers Market. Pokemon Yellow on the train. Night shopping with the madre. Meeting John Boy!! :D

Writing speeches for work. Finding new opportunities to to do what I love (and get paid/trade for it!). Trying not to overwhelm myself in the process. Learned a ton more about things to help me do better at work (love that). A growing stack of collected business cards. Won complimentary passes to The Leonardo!

Longest TRAX ride home ever while sweaty from Yoga–so naturally I was freezing. Cutest kids ever on that ride to keep me entertained though. Sister in the hospital–fingers crossed for a quick recovery. Eye issues. Commitment to do NaNoWriMo this year! First snow of the season.

Birthday-ness: Happy day at the Zoo with amazing friends! Surprise after to surprise from 2/3 of the Amazeballs Trio. Like candles that don’t blow out and a Pikachu hat!

Halloween-ness: Halloween movie marathons. Pumpkin ale. Spending more money on a costume than ever before… and people have to ask what I am if I’m not with the Avenger crew!

Spooky stories. Close friends, martinis, Times Up, but no Ute football game. Remembering the Thriller music video choreography. Cute kids at work Hallow-potluck. Tribute to Rocky Horror and Halloween with a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me cover.

Events for Work: Utah Small Business Summit, Social Media Bootcamp, Governor’s Educational Summit.

Shows Seen: ODT’s Thriller, High Valley Arts Singers Broadway show, Wicked-er at Deseret Star.

New Movies Watched: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Session 9, Pitch Perfect (hilarious!).

Books Read: Castles in the Sand by E.M Tippetts and Time Between Us by Tamara Ireland Stone.

New Obsessions: The Power of Words. My Starbucks Verismo!! And also Starbucks in grocery stores. Whistling.

Top Posts from Something Write: The Third Hour, one of them, copenhagen, Best Birthday Ever and mannequin nation. Honorable mention: Where to Have Faith.


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