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Finding my stage! by Mikael

So a MAJOR update is needed (Blips of November is still in the works–I know, I’m way behind. Busy time, I tell ya).

Things have been crazy busy, but a crap load has happened and nearly all of it has been good.

And I mean so good that I feel like I need to scream it all from the mountain tops.

Photo from gtall1 on Flickr

Photo from gtall1 on Flickr

Yeah, that good.

So here’s what’s up:

This year, I’ve realized that if I want anything to come of music and performing, I have to do something about it instead of waiting for someone to just pluck me out of obscurity (which, even now, probably isn’t that likely). So I’ve been auditioning at Hale Centre Theatre (my big fish), and even started expanding outwards to other community theaters I’d heard good reviews of.

None of them had panned out how I wanted.

And when I didn’t get called back for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in November, I was crushed. It was already a hard time as it was so it’s safe to say that it was one of my lowest points this year (and that’s saying something). So I messaged the director to figure out what I need to be doing to make my auditions better and I got some great advice from him. And it’s from that advice that I got it in me that, even though I’ve been auditioning for a year without a role, I still don’t have to give up.

In my mind, I figured that all these failed auditions were leading up to something great, that they had to be not following through because the cosmos had something better in store for me. Because of that, I couldn’t just lay back and do nothing despite that being all I wanted to do.

And now that maybe true… something better is coming.

NUMERO UNO – Thanks to one of my fave email newsletters, The DIY Daily, I discovered CD Baby. I signed up at the beginning of this month, thinking this could be my chance to take my music into my own hands and start selling it. Within 12 hours of submitting my first completely finished song, the magic happened.

And now my single “He’s Not There” is now available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, CD Baby and host of other music distribution websites. AMAZING, RIGHT? My excitement over that has been through the roof. When you add the fact that I have amazing friends and family who either bought it and/or spread the word about it, you can pretty much picture me doing this all over the place:

All the happiness!

So a large thank you and a billion bear hugs go out to everyone who has listened/bought/shared my single. Feel free to continue to do so. ;)

PS before I move on: Working on more songs as we speak! Hopefully I will have a handful of songs done in the spring ready for an EP. That’s my goal for when I’m not working on numero dos (see below).

NUMERO DOS – I’ve just been cast in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre as a Wife in the M/W/F cast! Whose wife yet, I don’t know. The first cast meeting this weekend ought to shed some light on that. It performs throughout the entire month of March! PSYCH! Cannot even express my excitement at this point.

So not only is my music starting to get out to a broader audience, but I’m going to be in a musical too! Because of this, I’ve also revamped my website.

Not to mention the fact that I totally hit over 51,000 words for NaNoWriMo for November.


Is it safe to say that success is mine now? All the things I love compiled into three weeks of amaze-ball-ness? AMAZEBALLS! It goes to show that perseverance and determination can really pay off. And working your ass off doesn’t hurt either. Well, it might, but it’s worth it.

I mean, really?

HOT DAMN! I’M ON iTUNES! Buy my song here!

Okay, there’s my excitement quota for the year. I’m finding my stage, both musically and writing-ly. So find your stage and rock it, okay? That’s what this life is for. Life’s too short to not be doing what you love. 

What are YOU excited about? :)


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I’m so, so, sooo ridiculously happy for you!! Congrats on getting a role in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and for winning NaNo and for the beautiful, beautiful song.

Comment by Natasha Nicole

Thank you, thank you Natasha! <3

Comment by Mikael

Keep up the amazing work! You’re setting a fine standard of excellence for me to achieve to :)

Comment by Paul Thomas Cartwright

You’re already doing great things too! Your plays, and all the shows you’ve done at Hale (still incredibly jealous and often wish I was a talented guy just so I can break in there easier, haha). But thank you so much!

I’m starting to think excellence finds other excellence. ;)

Comment by Mikael

Mikael, this is wonderful and exciting. No wonder you’re in such a great mood these days! Congrats! <3

Comment by San

SOO EXCITING! I must listen to your song.
Congrats on the single and the play. :)

Comment by sarcasticallybitter

Thank you so much! :D

Comment by Mikael

So happy for you, lady, and so, so proud! <3

Comment by terra

AAAHHHHHH AWESOME. I kept meaning to buy it on iTunes but I was never on the right computer but now I am but I’ll probably buy it through Amazon MP3 because that’s where I buy all my music now because, I don’t know, I just do. I think it has something to do with the $5 albums every month. Anyway SQUEEEE

Comment by Kelly L

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