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Blips of November & December by Mikael
December 31, 2012, 8:58 pm
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Combining the two months this time. I want to get this done before the New Year. Things got crazy so here we go!

November was… a struggle but a good opportunity to assess what I really want to do.

December was… the most ideal holiday month ever. 

Passing of my brilliant step-sister Joana. Hours making a memorial video. Learning a new song for said memorial, which was lovely. Hitting the harsh realization that she’s not around anymore.

National Novel Writing Month commitment and completion. NaNoWriMoose, aka: the awesome SLC group of people doing NaNoWriMo with me, and my new friends. Free books from the SLC City Library. New glasses.

Audition for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Finding out how to improve auditions from the director. Then auditioned for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Centerpoint… and got cast! More composing of music! Release of my single on music distribution websites!

Introduced to new TV shows like Dead Like Me and Eli Stone. The mid-season finale for all my favorite shows. Discovery of Spotify. Niece Night. Dark Knight marathon. Cornholio interruptions. Prepping of my body for the Whole30.

Busy, busy time at work: magazine, policy guide, Employer’s Toolbox and more!

Coming out ahead in gambling. And the first Vegas night that included everything that should happen on a night in Vegas. Super fun but definitely not looking to do it all again any time soon. ;)

Holiday Stuff:

Thanksgiving in Vegas with my dad. Zoo Lights! Grand America displays with my baby niece. Wandering downtown in the snow, meeting new people, making new friends, shopping and the Jingle Bus. Christmas Angel. Cheeseball Party. Christmas wrapping with Christmas movies. Lots of chocolate oranges. Silver Bell Celebration. White Christmas up in Park City. Karaoke Secret Santa. Low key New Year with my dad, step-mom and dogs.

New Movies Seen: Breaking Dawn Pt. 2 (pretty good!), 21st Jump Street, Project X, Beer Tales, the original Miracle on 34th Street, Like Crazy (love completely) and Les Miserables.

Shows Seen: The Christmas Carol at Pioneer, The Christmas Carol at Hale Centre Theatre, and the Anberlin concert in SLC.

New Obsessions: I Will Prevail. Spotify. Dirty Chai. Coffee Bean (curse them for not being in Utah).

Top 5 Posts from Something Write in November: one more day for you, Our Last Moment, family, lust and screw salvation.

Top 5 Posts from Something Write in December: in the stars, dance with me, like the movies, turning christmas and my christmas list.


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Dead Like Me is SO GOOD. I think I watched one episode and was instantly hooked. I think Andrew & I watched all the episodes in a matter of days. SO GOOD!

Comment by terra

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