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How to Kick Ace in a Major Life Change by Mikael

Today I’m giving the reins to a fellow BiSCuit, blogger, vlogger and all around awesome person. In fact, she’s the mind behind “Your Super Awesome Life“–her name is Ashley, and I can’t be more pleased that she’s going to share some insight with you from her newest adventure. Please enjoy, read and respond!

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If you were to compare my life today to my life three weeks ago, it would be nearly impossible to find any similarities, except for the hot pink jeans I’m wearing. Those are just too awesome to not be a constant. But besides the pants, not much else is the same.

Three weeks ago, I was living with my best friend in Texas, cleaning out my office, and walking away from my very first 9-5 job. I was running in tank tops and going to yoga classes at the gym. I was pouring a glass of wine and saying goodbye to my childhood best friends. I was selling my bed, donating unwanted clothes to charity, and packing a suitcase. I was filled with overwhelming stress, anxiety, and sadness, mixed with a bit of excitement and joy.

Today, I am living in Canada with my boyfriend, self-employed and building a business I love. I am running in three layers with gloves and practicing yoga in the living room. I am drinking a hot cup of coffee and leaning over to kiss my love one more time (because I can). I am learning to be content with only the belongings I brought in my two suitcases. I am filled with peace, love, ever-growing acceptance.

When I made the decision to choose love and move to Canada, I knew I was on the brink of a major life change. Besides the obvious factors of living in another country and the effects that moving in together has on a relationship, there are emotional challenges that come with any transition. Preparing over the past few months and the reality of the past three weeks has taught me that transitions don’t have to feel so overwhelming.

Here are three simple ways to navigate any transition with ease:

1. Reflect

It takes insane amounts of courage to take the leap and make a transition that will alter your life. The most effective way to feel more courageous is to set aside the time to reflect upon your life, your decisions, the present moment, and the future. Grab your favorite journal or your closest friend and explore your feelings, become comfortable with the idea of failure, and begin to recognize your inner critic. Use this time to map out your expectations, erase the idea of comparison from your mind, and discover your limits. And finally, develop a way to take care of your self. Self-care is such an over-done topic, but it really is essential to your sanity. Maybe it looks like closing your personal email after 8pm, maybe it’s going for walks on Saturday morning, or maybe it’s reading a good book before bed.

2. Prepare

Preparing for your transition will increase your confidence and erase your feelings of fear and self-doubt. You can do this by outlining The Necessities, or everything you need to do before you begin your transition. Grab a pen and begin making a list. This will immediately relieve stress and help you feel more relaxed and organized. A strong support system will also boost your confidence, so gather friends, family, and mentors you can turn to when you need a little extra support.

3. Take Action

The most difficult part of any transition is actually taking the steps to move forward with intentional effort. A few easy ways to do this is by creating a routine that works with your schedule, branching out and trying new activities and hobbies, becoming a “regular” at local hangouts, and creating an accountability system for yourself.

All transitions are challenging and accompanied by feelings of doubt, fear, and uncertainty, so remember to be patient. It takes time to adjust to new situations and create a stable, fulfilling life. Be kind to yourself and know that you are incredibly brave for taking this step forward and chasing your vision of a life you love.

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Ashley-1 (2) a

Ashley Wilhite is a Life Coach who helps courageous women break free from expectations, create radical change, and begin living a bigger, bolder, more radiant, super awesome life.  Whether you want to move across the country, backpack through Thailand, become a yoga instructor, end that toxic relationship, or quit your soul-sucking job, Ashley will help you change your life, one daring adventure at a time! 

You can find Ashley aYour Super Awesome Life.


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