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I brought this on myself… and I love it by Mikael

You brought this on yourself, you know? 

The exhaustion, the pain, the fast food, all the hairspray that is surely clogging up your new bathtub drain, a cold sore and even the sinus infection. Yep, your fault. 

It’s all because of you. You and your stupid want to have to be a in a theater production. You didn’t know it would be this stressful, huh? 

But guess what? The 30 minutes up to a show, the show itself and (potentially) the couple hours after make it all worth it. I’m not exactly sure what it is–adrenaline, sheer excitement, what have you–but that is the time when everything else just flies away, and I can focus on putting on a show.

One of my favorite parts of the show are the few minutes where the show is beginning and I’m sitting behind the third curtain on stage left, watching the story start to unfold. I feel like that’s my moment of getting into character, so by the time I get up to dance, I’m rarring to get my show going.

Performing is my jam and I’ll be damned if I don’t put on a good show, regardless if my sleep suffers or if I do three shows in a row. I will give it 115% every time despite anything else going on. Every time. Guaranteed. (Buy tickets to Joseph here or by clicking the photo.)


Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday (plus some Saturday’s), my hair goes through a disastrous amount of hairspray, my face is exposed to more makeup than anyone should ever have to put on, and then the costume changes… oh, the costume changes. Luckily, I have a process now so it’s easier, but we have some super quick changes, one even involving a wig.

Pulled double duty on Saturday as I did both the matinee and evening performances. My body is still hating me. I get to do it again this Saturday since my counterpart is up for a full-ride scholarship to college and can’t be there. So I’m not complaining… it’s nice to see the other cast and catch up since we haven’t all been together since rehearsals.

Oh, wait… going out to eat with the cast after some of the shows could be a culprit  to the exhaustion too. The cast has got to bond, yo–and the food doesn’t hurt. Ever been in a high-energy show? You’re hungry by intermission. Curtain closes and it’s a rush for the nearest restaurant. Almost. After we say hi to the audience first.

But then someone in the other cast finds your “emergency stash” of Muscle Milk, efficiently leaving you out of sustenance without your knowledge the following night. Yeah, that happened. I about wrung the poor guy’s neck.

And I’ve had my fair share of costume malfunctions already too. Such as my sandal coming off of my toes and whipping around my foot as I danced The Song of the King. Yeah… that was fun. And kind of hilarious. I got a lot of props from the “brothers” watching from backstage for that one.

It’s been exhausting (and at times, aggravating) and painful but I’m loving every minute of it. Even if that means catching up with friends over text/FB, watching my addiction shows while doing my makeup or eating breakfast, writing this blog in five minute bursts (it’s taken me two weeks–don’t judge), or resorting to not washing my hair for three days simply because the curls will hold better on dirty hair.

But I’m doing what I love so I’m good. Put on a happy face and dance! :)

Oh, and an update on #AllTheHairspray–finished one bottle a little over a week in, but my new bottle (Aussie) is a little bigger and seems to do more with less. You still have a week to guess how many hairspray cans I’ll go through, but I’m anticipating no more than 4 max.

PS: Joseph got extended to April 2! If you want to come see, you can buy tickets online here

So that’s why I’ve had very little time to blog this month (and also missed Blips of February–oops). Bear with me. I have big plans that are brewing. It’s going to be an epic year. 


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