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ALL the Things… Only Slower by Mikael

A little reflection first… 



  • Completing the Whole30. — DONE and documented. Now eating that way about 75% of the time. 

What else happened

  • Auditioned for Les Miserables at Pioneer Theatre–not cast but that’s okay.
  • Rehearsals for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
  • Looked for a place to live and found one!
  • Wrote my first freelance article for a magazine (wasn’t a goal, but it’s a step in another direction I’m tackling!).



  • Edit my NaNoWriMo Novel and polish up the ending. — Got through one read-through and copyediting… nothing as far as really editing things that need to be added/changed.

What else happened

  • Joseph: Rehearsals in February and performances in March.
  • Moved into my new apartment.

Here’s where I need to start making adjustments.

So I have a confession. I want to do all the things! Things like:

  • Start a side-business for copywriting and voice-over work.
  • Finish writing and editing all of my novels so I can publish them.
  • Compose and write more music for an album/EP.

All this along with being able to work out down in the fitness center at my new apartment complex, keep a sane head at work and start auditioning for shows again by May or June. Joseph just ended and girl needs a good break.

#AllTheHairspray Update: Ended up only using 2 bottles of hairspray during the course of the show. Finished the second bottle on closing night oddly enough. I need to go track down who guessed closest so I can send them a nifty giftcard!

But if there’s anything I’ve learned over the past few months is that you have to plan and that you have to take small steps to make big things possible. So I’m going to take a few “baby steps” in the next couple of months to get where I want to be.

Having a major Brandgasm between April 12 & May 31 to learn the tricks of the trade for good design/copy to make an effective business (step toward first bullet).

Learning to play guitar starting April 22 for six weeks (from Berklee College of Music, no less). Have you ever heard of Coursera? Because seriously… it’s awesome. Legit universities offering free online classes spanning hundreds of topics? Yes, please (a good step to have in pursuing third bullet)!

A reassessment of spirituality. This is more of a personal thing that I might go more into later. I’ve just been in a weird funk since this time last year, and it’s time that I address it. Gotsta figure out what I need to have a spiritual balance.

And BiSC 2013. Duh. 

As far as music goes, my first goal that I want to do is turn Kellie Elmore’s poem “The Sweetest Thing” into an acoustic song with the piano. It’s rare that I read something and instead of reading it straight, my mind hums a melody with it… and she said I could. :)

Oh, and sleep. I’ve lacked a lot of that lately and that needs to be fixed too.

While focusing on those things, the novels will have to be put on hold unless I find a moment where I simply must work on them. Sigh.

Man, I knew I’d have to revamp my goals… but now it feels like a complete overhaul into taking baby steps. Which I will have to do again once my guitar and Brandgasm courses are done. You’d think planning baby steps wouldn’t be so daunting, but it’s a little scary to think… “I can actually do these little things… then I may actually reach that dream that I’ve always wanted to do!” A little scary, thrilling and all-together awesome.

I guess that’s why they say patience is a virtue.


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You’ re gonna be SO BUSY, lady!! I love all the great things you’re getting yourself into!

Comment by terra

Just a LITTLE busy. ;) Haha. It’s crazy but it’s fun.

Comment by Mikael

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