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Why I’m obsessed with Jurassic Park by Mikael

My fascination with dinosaurs started with Fantasia.

You know animation sequence where the dinosaurs are living and being joyous? And then all that is quickly squashed in the rain with a huge meat-asaurus (they say it’s a T-rex, but based on the animation versus bone structures I’ve seen, I beg to differ–the jaw bone is completely different) coming in and eating the poor stegosaurus. Which also happens to be one of my favorite dinosaurs, but I digress.

Oh, but then it goes through the extinction of the dinosaurs where the music actually totally creeped me out for the longest time. I’ll give Stravinsky his dues–he’s a musical genius–but man. That does not sound like springtime to me. More like Halloween…


From there, Jurassic Park came out when I was five and what did I get for my sixth birthday? The VHS. Yep, we’re talking retro 90s videos. I still have it in my movie collection.

Growing up, I never really gave up on my fascination of dinosaurs. Love natural history museums but only if they have dinosaur bones. Love documentaries and TV shows about dinosaurs. Whenever there was a dinosaur project in school, I was all over it to the point where I did a whole clay layout of a maiasaura and her nest. And I totally downloaded the Jurassic Park Builder game as soon as I realized it was available just so I could have a dinosaur park!

I mean, come on! They were the first living, breathing creatures on Earth (as far as we can tell) so the fact that these magnificent beasts lived at all is amazing. And then humans sprung out of the earth 65 million years later and all we can find are bones and footprints.

God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. 

Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth. 

My question is how can we not be fascinated by dinosaurs?

Oh, and I used to think that mountains got their shapes from the backs of dinosaurs. Like brontosaurs or brachiosaurs. Driving to Bear Lake was always a treat because I’d be watching out the window at the Wasatch mountains and thinking, “Man, dinosaurs were huge! I wonder why no one’s dug them up out of there yet.”

Young minds–gotta love them.

Now I’m not sure if you know, but Jurassic Park recently hit the big screen again… this time in 3D. And I saw it and loved it even more than I did as a kid. It literally was like a brand new movie. Looked amazing, sounded amazing. All the above. 

First off, the soundtrack is seriously one of the best parts of the movie. It’s one of the best in cinematic history (next to The Mission and Titanic). John Williams is just a magnificent genius. I’ve listened to the soundtrack probably 50 times in the past month.

And the dinosaurs look SO REAL. It’s like I really think they’re alive and I want to go to Jurassic Park and almost get eaten by raptors. Now that would be the adventure of a lifetime. And the IMAX 3D kind of helped make it seem that way.

And because it’s now 2013, I felt justified in updating my collection with the collector’s edition Bluray/DVD/virtual copy Jurassic Park trilogy. It came with an awesome hand-crafted/painted T-rex figurine. Check it out:

Now a fire has been lit under my butt for me to go buy a stupid HDMI adapter for my Macbook Pro so I can actually watch the movies in all their glory.

So I may be just a tad obsessed with dinosaurs. And Jurassic Park. And … yeah. My co-workers have noticed my insane enthusiasm for Jurassic Park and its soundtrack lately. To the point where one let me borrow her magazine since it had some inside scoop on the movies. And another started humming the Jurassic Park theme song too.

Some obsession is healthy though, right?

What’s your current obsession?


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Current obsession: Battlestar Galactica — though it’s not so much of an obsession, but more of me breezing through the episodes quickly to absorb all the awesome :D

Real obsession? Maybe my blog and making it as awesome as possible, but that’s more like a life-long goal rather than a current thing :)

Comment by Casey Palmer

That sounds like a good obsession to me! Nothing wrong with making your blog even more awesome. ;)

Comment by Mikael

Yep, we are definitely kindred spirits, you and I. I, too, have an odd obsession with this movie that might simply just be the result of seeing it 10,000+ times. Ask my boyfriend: EVERY time I start randomly whistling, it’s the freakin’ Jurassic Park theme song. And I just don’t know why. Love that this was the first post of yours I came across. :)

Comment by Cassie

Well, the Jurassic Park theme song is easy to whistle! That’s the song I taught myself how to whistle with last summer. It’s the best soundtrack ever. Thanks for stopping by, Cassie! :)

Comment by Mikael

[…] feel like I’m actually mostly back to that with the occasional venture into health and other random / relationship-y shtuff. Strange, […]

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