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Performaholics Anonymous is now in session by Mikael

So… you know how I was going to take a break from doing a show for a while so I could work on some professional development stuff?

That promise may not last long.

Reason being: three shows that I would love to be in and have some of my dream roles in have auditions coming up in the next couple of weeks. The shows?

  • RENT – Maureen is a dream role of mine. Even ensemble would be awesome in this show though. If all else fails, I want this one.
  • 9 to 5 – Doralee has my name written all over it. Blonde-check. Country girl-check. Double D’s-check, check.
  • Legally Blonde – Do I really need to elaborate again?

9 to 5 auditions up first on April 30/May 1. RENT on May 5. And Legally Blonde on May 20. So technically if one of the first two doesn’t work out, I can hope for Legally Blonde. And if none of them work out, I may fall into a hysteric depression and think that I’m not good enough.

Haha, that won’t happen. The hysteric depression might, but not the negative thoughts part. But it would still be disappointing. If I don’t get cast in RENT I may do the lip thing. You know… that lip thing.

But gah… why must I have all these things that I want to do and then a show I want to be in comes up and I’m just like, “I want it all!” It’s a problem and I have a feeling I have major ADD.

I want to be in all the shows all the time but I simply haven’t the time! (Alice in Wonderland, anyone?)

Well, we shall see what will unfold after I actually audition for the shows. Wish me luck!

Hello, my name is Mikael and I’m a performaholic. This meeting is now adjourned. 


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Good Luck Mikael! You’ll do great, keep us posted and keep chasing your dreams!

Comment by Mark

Good luck! Kick ass!

Comment by Peter DeWolf

Break a leg, ladybird! Any of those shows would be such a blast.

Comment by metamorphocity

Thank you, thank you! I think so too. :)

Comment by Mikael

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