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Just call me Doralee by Mikael

You don’t know awkward until you’re talking with your company’s head honcho about if you’re going to be dressed like the “well-blossomed” Dolly Parton for a show… and then having him say, “We must have a Chamber night out to see it!”

I'll be playing this! Guess I gotta go blonder...

I’ll be playing this! Guess I gotta go blonder…

Yep, that happened. And I was trying to not look down at my own chest, thinking about how I’m not sure I’ll need the padded bra the director of 9 to 5 suggested for the girls cast as Doralee (aka: Dolly Parton’s character).

I guess that’s my way of saying that I’ve been cast as Doralee in Empress Theatre’s production of 9 to 5 for the summer.

The support and excitement about being cast as Doralee is amazing! I’ve had several people say I’m perfect for it, and I definitely think I can relate to the character a lot, considering I’ve run into some similar situations as Doralee has in the past (judged because of how she looks, rumors spread that made her feel like a “bastard at the family reunion”). Let’s just say I’m super excited to step into this roll!

From the first couple of rehearsals, I can tell this will be a fun bunch of people to work with and this will be a completely different theater experience for me. There’s going to be a lot of character development (super excited for that!) and journaling apparently. I already journal, but whatever floats the director’s boat!

Another thing that’s different is that the lead roles are double cast. So that means, seven of the 14 performances, I’ll play Doralee. For the other seven, I’ll be a part of the ensemble and sing Backup Barbie in Backwoods Barbie (PS: That song is one of my favorites!). Should be a jolly good time, but if you want to get tickets… talk to me first so you get them for a night that I’m Doralee (as you should want to do!).

Do yourself a favor and go find the soundtrack on Spotify. The music for 9 to 5 is pretty much awesome… I don’t think people give Dolly Parton enough credit. The woman is a genius.

Under this hair is a brain, not that you’d ever care. 
And you only see tits, but get this, there’s a heart under there. 

Yep, pretty much. :)

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eeee that’s awesome! congrats mikael!

Comment by Katelin (@katelin)

Thanks much, katelin! I’m super excited. :)

Comment by Mikael

*sniff* I’ll be all like “I knew her WHEN!”

Put me in your entourage. I’ll TOTALLY be the unassuming security detail who no one expect to win a fight until it’s TOO LATE!!!

But congrats on all the success :D

Comment by Casey E. Palmer

Aw! I’d love to have you in my entourage. I need someone who’ll bust out a move with me when the mood strikes (ahem, all the time). Thanks Casey! <3

Comment by Mikael

[…] have a negative theatre experience, but this one I will never forget. The cast and crew, the show, the role, the after-hours bonding… everything is just amazing. Sure, we’ve had our share of […]

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