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The End of an Era – #BiSC by Mikael

Oh, crap… my words!

Those words slipped out of my lips at the Farewell Brunch of BiSC this year–because quite simply, there are no adequate words to express the love, the support, the good times and everything that comes from 60+ bloggers converging on Las Vegas in friendship and shenanigans. Of course, I do have words… and I’ll share some about it here.

There’s a reason I couldn’t miss BiSC for a single year after my first adventure back in 2011–these people are amazing and some of the greatest friends I’ve ever had. That, and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself for getting all the jealousies over reading all the Twitter posts about it. And it’s more than worth it.

These are people who usually hide behind their computers writing but got out of their comfort zone to go meet dozens of strangers.

These people will lay in bed with you eating Fuzzy Peaches and Stroopwaffles in the morning, laughing all the while.

These are people who will 8-second hug you… then keep it going even longer. #allthelove

These people will drop “That’s what she said” comments so many times it’s like an automatic twitch.

These are people that you can tell your deepest, darkest secrets to and they will love and support you no matter what.

These are people who cry and keep their eyes open forever in staring contests because they are crazy-awesome like that.

These are people who won’t ever judge you and love you exactly as you are. No liquor required.

These are people who will unabashedly cheer their voices hoarse during the Flamingo Pool booty shaking competition where a couple of their own competed (and lost, but everyone told me I should have won–well, I did… last year.)

These are people that aren’t afraid to grab the most horrendous outfits and do a dancing parade in the middle of an H&M dressing room. Exhibit A:

These people will teach you how to braid because you’ve been doing it wrong your whole life.

These people can be present even when their phones are out… it’s not rude, yo. 

These people will people watch with you at a club and speculate on why some belligerent woman is getting arrested outside Caesar’s Palace.

These people will wait in the crepe line with you so you don’t have to stand alone. 

These are people who will do a zombie/Christian-Bale-Batman voice unannounced, scaring the crap out of all of us then making us bust into laughter.

These people fear not whether you drink out of their drink or pick off their plate. 

These people will talk about sex toys and scary “never have I evers” as though it is completely normal to do so.

These people will discreetly pull down your slip beneath your dress in public when your ass is hanging out of it. And also tell you when that is happening immediately. Same goes for having chocolate dripping down your face from the buffet chocolate fountain (THANKS!)

These people will go out for pizza and heart-to-hearts at 3:30 in the morning.

These people sing The Little Mermaid, Avenue Q and many other things with you out loud in public without shame. 

These people will bring you treats and chocolate from their home country (Canada and Netherlands), making your taste buds and tummies sing joyous tunes.

These people will dance you silly, any time, any place… even without music. They make their own.

These people will dress to the nines, whether that’s all in white (“Are you all getting married?”), Mad Men-themed, or black, white, and gold!

These people will make you question your priorities and what you’re doing in your life–making you want to take your own life to the next level.

These people are old friends. These people are new friends. These people are my TRIBE.

These are people who dread parting each other so they find places to relax and chat until, inevitably, time runs out and all the hugs and tears come out too.

(And I feel like I could go on and on and on and on like this about all of the BiSCuits.)

At the end of it all, I feel like I’ve made some of the best friends in the world (and all over the world too!) in only a few days. I miss them so much already. My body and emotional state still haven’t recovered.

A humongous thank you goes to Nicole for putting this on for the past five years. The woman is an effing rockstar and one of my idols. I’ll be doing her 30-day Sugar Detox in June… care to join me?

Yet again, BiSC is the best weekend of the year and I’m sad to know it won’t be back next May. But that doesn’t mean I can’t go visit my new friends and that they can’t come visit me in Utah.

Any of you BiSCuits reading–I have a couch and a queen-size bed! I don’t mind sharing. ;)

BiSC helped break me out of my bubble of over-thinking things. That first year (2011), I started taking more chances and trusting that things would turn out alright even if I just… leapt. And I frickin’ landed among some of the most amazing people in one of the funnest cities in the world.

And like I said in my little speech at the Farewell Brunch on Sunday, “It was the best chance I ever took.”

So pretty much… yeah… my words. All the words can be summed up in this: BiSC is the very best. Ever. 


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BiSC is the very best ever, and so are you. Thank you for being such a great friend, a fun and fantastic BISC roommate, and one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life. <3

Comment by Bob

Aww… now I am getting the tears again, thanks Bob! I’m so glad we were roommates this year! I just love you and you’ll always be one of my very favorite people. Holler if you ever need anything.

Comment by Mikael


Though we only knew each other for days, I’m pretty sure that I had some of the best times from BiSC with you :) You’re a truly impressive, amazing and inspiring person, and I don’t think the party would’ve been QUITE as awesome as it was without you there!

Thanks for becoming part of my new tribe, and this isn’t the end, it’s only the beginning!

I look forward to the next adventure!!!

Comment by Casey Palmer

That H&M video is hilarious. I’m bummed I didn’t go, but I love that I can live vicariously through all the recaps. :-)

Comment by suki

I’m so glad to have met you. I can’t wait for many, many more adventures!

In the meantime, shake that booty with pride.

Comment by Marian Schembari

Oh man, I so wish this were something I could’ve been a part of, but it’s just so wonderful reading everyone’s posts about it. Sounds like an incredible, unforgettable weekend. Those people you describe sound like the best. :)

Comment by Cassie

I will yell “BRAAAIIINS” reaching at you through a wrought iron gate anytime. :P

Love this post, though. It’s like a Declaration of Interdependence – and I like that, because it’s good to know I can depend on these people. Our people.

Comment by nicopolitan

I mean, you are just the best. And the best smile and dance moves and so glad BiSC brought us together! I had so much fun whenever I was with you over the weekend and just, yes. Thank you for being such a bubbly wonderful person & I hope our paths cross again soon! xo

Comment by Katelin (@katelin)

I totally dropped a “that’s what she said” on my brother at a family dinner. He couldn’t quit laughing and my brother in law almost choked he was laughing so hard.

I am so glad that we met and both dared to wear colorful shoes to our mass wedding. You are fabulous and I cannot wait to spend more time with you in the future!

Comment by KendraD

[…] experience from only a few days: Laura, Katelin, San, Nico, Valorie, Kelly L, Marian, Mikael, Kate, Germana, Karlyn, Jenn B, Kaci, Dominique, Jess, […]

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I hadn’t seen that video yet! Omg, I die! Can you send it to me? It was so much fun, and we were sober! also, it was my pleasure teaching you how to braid! so much love for you!

Comment by Caryn

<3 you! I didn't upload the video; Marian did. Here's the Youtube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=FCrUDfq_IPM

Comment by Mikael

Mikael, you were one of the people I looked most forward to meeting… and I just KNEW that we would get along just wonderfully (as we did!).
I am glad we got to spend quite some time together and I really hope our paths will cross soon again (maybe I am going to see you next when you’re singing for Cirque du Soleil :))

Much love to you.

Comment by San

I was super looking forward to meeting you too! I kept saying, “I get to meet, San!” We WILL see each other soon. We can make it happen.

Comment by Mikael

Mikael, you’re my fav person! i’m so happy BiSC brought us together, I hope we can hang out some time soon! Our Legacy’s must meet :)

Comment by btchonheels

I just love you! They must meet and make many Legacy babies!

Comment by Mikael

You are one of my favorites, mah dear, and I’m so, so glad that I’ve been able to spend BiSC Sundays with you. I love that our In-N-Out adventure became a tradition and I know that I’ll see your beautiful face again. <3

Comment by terra

I love our little tradition on Sundays. :) Now we can make new traditions together when we see each other! To be determined, of course…

Comment by Mikael

It seriously is THE BEST ever!
So glad I got to go for 2 years with you (and hopefully more in the future in other places??).

Love you Mikael! I must come visit you! And if you ever come to Canada you best be in my neck of the woods!

Comment by Mich

I love this recap! I’m so glad I got to meet you. You are just lovely and outgoing and ready to talk to anyone, and you made me feel a little less uncomfortable. :)

Comment by Cait

It was a pleasure to meet you! You are really nice and I had a good time talking to you. It’s a family when it comes to BiSC so I try to make sure no one is feeling left out. It helps when everyone is awesome. ;)

Comment by Mikael

It was so good to meet you! I enjoyed our 3am meetup in the food court!

Comment by thejazzyolive

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