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Why Living On Your Own Rocks by Mikael
May 31, 2013, 7:18 pm
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I’ve decided that living outside of my parents’ roof is awesome (not to say I don’t love them, because I do–I still talk to my mom practically every day). I was one of those teenagers who couldn’t wait to get out, especially once I got a taste of living on my own in Boston and England. College and all that other junk (like non-paid but awesome internships) kept me from making a discernible living that would allow me to afford the luxury of living on my own.

Last fall, I got out. I had a roommate who was hardly ever around, but we did manage to have our Vampire Diaries nights together and one fun night in SLC for the Santacon Pub Crawl. It was a good experience while it lasted.

Now that I’m living in downtown SLC in an apartment that I love, I have thought of a few things that make living on your own worth the wait.

Best little apartment ever.

You can control all the food that comes in. Seriously one of the things I struggled most with when living with my parents was the constant temptation of Reeses and all the junk food. This girl likes to eat well. Now my fridge is filled with fruits, veggies, frozen meats, almond milk, coconut and olive oils, leftovers from that one night out with the girls and that obligatory box of cookie dough for when I want need it. Which I may have to cut out when I do Nicole’s 30-Day Sugar Detox in June.

Along with that, you can cook and eat whatever the hell you want without judgement. Some of my meals have consisted solely of slices of deli chicken breast and a Larabar, or even just experimenting with new recipes of my own creation using myself as a guinea pig, because God forbid the poor soul that could have tried a couple of my total failures that I choked down anyway. I don’t like wasting food.

Staying up at all hours in any part of the place you want, doing what you want (well… mostly on the weekend because of work). Whether that’s to Skype my BFF in England, watch a new TV show addiction (The Secret Circle currently–that Jake is HOT!), record, play guitar or because company just doesn’t want to leave. This was hard to do when my bedroom shared a wall with my parent’s room. I tend to make noise (like singing) more often than not.

Your own things! With my last roommate, I had this major complex. “Yeah, I’ve got the coolest vacuum!” Correction: My roommate has the coolest vacuum. So it’s nice to have nifty things like dishes and a vacuum that I can actually call my own. Whether that’s through adoption (like the couch I got from my parents’ house) or actual purchasing.

The thrill of getting to decorate. Won’t lie… I felt like I was designing a SIMS house while picking out furniture. I chose glass tables whenever I played the game, and I chose glass tables for my apartment. Dream come true.

Letting your weird out. I’ll be the first to admit that I do weird things a lot. Like create a Pokemon-like language surrounding the word “cups” and repeating it while doing the dishes. Or watching myself doing crazy dances in the mirror. Or contort my body in the strangest ways possible so I can stay on the couch/bed but still manage to reach that thing I need that’s just out of arms reach.

You get full commandeering power over the remote. No explanation necessary.

And last, but certainly not least, walking around in your birthday suit. It’s great to get out of the shower, dry off, hang up my towel then walk to the kitchen for my morning brew. It’s called getting comfortable with your body. ;)

Now there are a host of more reasons why living WHERE I live is amazing, but that’s for another day.

For those of you living on your own, what’s your favorite thing about being out of the parent’s roof? 

And those still waiting to get out (no judgement; I know it’s a hard path), what are you most looking forward to?

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you forgot eating WHEN you want. my mother eats dinner around 4p and gets mad when we come busting into the kitchen to eat around 7p or 8p, the time my sister and i might eat at our respective homes. and forget a midnight popcorn snack…unless you wanna hear about it in the morning!

Comment by Alisa

That is true! I never really ran into that problem at home with the parents though… And four is WAY to early for dinner haha.

Comment by Mikael

I agree with ALL of these! I wish I had a time where I completely lived on my own… I lived with my parents, then with roommates, then with J. Never completely by myself, which I know I would have enjoyed!

Comment by San

That’s a bummer you didn’t get to experience living on your own! You found love though, so I can’t fault you for that. ;)

Comment by Mikael

I’d never lived alone before Andrew went to Alabama for flight school and I was afraid I’d hate it, but I actually really like it. I like it for all the reasons you mentioned and I like how peaceful it always is. I still miss him like crazy, of course, but this living alone thing isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Comment by terra

cheers to ALL of this!

Comment by Mich

I moved out of my parents’ house when I was 18 (in with a boyfriend and then another boyfriend) after the last relationship fell apart I got my own place, I’ve lived alone for almost 6 years (minus 2 for traveling which may or may not count!?) and I agree, it’s fabulous. I think my boyfriend of 9 months is a little surprised I haven’t brought up living together yet (since all his exes did right away) but I love living alone!
Congrats on the new digs – looks nice!!

Comment by JenBetweenDots

He probably likes that there’s no pressure to move in together so you guys are free to be more relaxed with each other! I don’t blame you at all for wanting to stay on your own. ;)

Thanks Jen! And thanks for your comment.

Comment by Mikael

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