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5 shows left & 5 years to show by Mikael

anniversaryUp in the right hand corner of my WordPress dashboard thingie is a little golden trophy icon. Apparently today is my five year anniversary with WordPress.

Taking a look back, I realized that I started this blog to “to document where I am in my music and theater productions (when I am in one)“. After some meandering as a personal blogger, I feel like I’m actually mostly back to that with the occasional venture into health and other random / relationship-y shtuff. Strange, right?

And I digress.

My, my, my… where has the time gone? So much has happened. Both in the last five years and even in the last couple of months in my second show of the year. Only five shows left of 9 to 5! If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m in the A cast, so I perform as Doralee July 19, 22 & 27. You can get your tickets at EmpressTheatre.com. I recommend sitting on the south side if you want the best “Double D” view. ;)

R-L: Me as Doralee, Chrisanne Seultz as Violet, Tanya Rasmussen as Judy -- my fellow 9 to 5 leading ladies!

Me as Doralee, Chrisanne Seultz as Violet, Tanya Rasmussen as Judy — my fellow 9 to 5 leading ladies!

I have to say that I’ve never wanted a show to end less. I’ve been fortunate to never have a negative theatre experience, but this one I will never forget. The cast and crew, the show, the role, the after-hours bonding… everything is just amazing. Sure, we’ve had our share of drama (what production doesn’t?), but I feel most of my relationships within the show have grown stronger in spite of it.

So even though 9 to 5 is more than halfway through its run, I know there will be a next one. Soon. Like, really soon. I have two auditions lined up for right after the show. One of them is literally the same day as closing night. That’s for Into the Woods at Centerpoint. I’m thinking I’d make a really good Cinderella. What do you think?

One thing this show has left me feeling in an overwhelming amount is that I just want to be on stage. There are days at the office where I watch the clock tick slowly by until I can go to the theater. Lately, I’ve thought a lot about purpose, passion and what I’m supposed to be doing with my life, and it all comes back to performing.

I’m not sure if musical theatre is my calling, but I love it more than almost anything else. Stepping into new shoes to tell a story that others can relate to is a pretty awesome thing. It’s crazy, but the moments immediately before a show tend to be my very favorite. The anticipation makes me all giddy and I tend to happy dance a lot. Then once I’m on stage, I forget everything and get lost in the show.

To give you an idea of how much of an escape it is, here’s a possibly TMI story from Monday night: My nylon spanx were making my butt itch like crazy (because apparently I did something wrong in the washing process), to the point where I was physically hiding in dark corners to scratch during my off moments. It got so bad that I actually removed the spanx during my longest off-stage break before my final scene (no one noticed right?). When I was performing, that  itch wasn’t there and if it was, it didn’t faze me at all. 

If that doesn’t mean this is what I should be doing, then I don’t know what else does. ;)

Now I feel like the past five years have come full circle in a sense. I wanted to write about my performing experiences on this blog and now I feel like I’m finally doing that. Now I’m also craving more shows, bigger stages, bigger audiences and everything that comes with it. If it weren’t for a few responsibilities and a good job, I’m sure I would book it out to one of the bigger theatre cities in the country in a heartbeat (Boston, NYC or LA are at the top of my list).

Until I can, I’m tearing up the Utah theatre scene as much as possible.


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