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I’ve seen these scattered throughout the blog-o-sphere.  No idea if anyone will actually read this.  It was fun to make though!

Updated – September 2012

1- If you go by the actual astronomy (the basis of Eastern Astrology) of when I was born (not my birth date alone…), I’m really a Virgo and not a Libra.  That explains why I thought my horoscopes were wrong for 19 years.
2- Cats terrify me… plus they aggravate my allergies more than anything else.
3- I’ve been computer literate ever since I started elementary school.
4- My most embarrassing moment involves me getting pantsed at a boys baseball game when I was 8.
5- I like patterns, repetition, and structure. And people wonder why I watch the same movies and listen to the same songs over and over again.

6- I honestly don’t know what I’d do without my Blackberry Droid iPhone. I’ve never been happier with a phone. (changed as of Oct. 2011)
7- Kel is my main nickname, along with Mickey & Kel-Belle. Nicknames I’ve earned include: The Walking Sweet Tooth, the Portable/Personal Jukebox, and the “girl who sings in the bathroom”.
8- The first chapter book I ever read was The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis. I was 4.
9- When I was 3, my dad taught me how to beat Mario on Nintendo without skipping levels.
10- If you ever want to shut me up, play one of the songs I’ve recorded. (See YouTube for the lot of them)

11- I was a wuss up until–wait, I’m still a wuss just less of one.  Except when it comes to cold… I’m the biggest wuss when it comes to cold.
12- Extreme roller coasters are the best thrill that I’ve experienced except for…
13- Performing! It is seriously the biggest high! I’m addicted!
14- I have a bit of an obsessive and addictive personality, which is why I’ll never try drugs. Well, not that I’d ever want to.
15- That, and I have high morals and standards for myself.  Always have.  Borderline perfectionist here.

16- When I was little, I always said that I’d never be a drinker. But I always taste-tested my parents alcoholic beverages fufufu
17- There’s nothing I love more than my family even though they drive me wacko more often than not.
18- Animaniacs was one of my favorite cartoons as a kid (which means I still like them). Same with Beavis & Butthead, Rugrats, Rocko’s Modern Life, and Ren & Stimpy.
19- Up until I was 10, I had an adorable black cocker spaniel. She ran away.
20- I’ve traveled to Hawaii, Washington, California, Wyoming, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Missouri, Minnesota, NYC, Massachusetts, Florida, England, Ireland, Mexico, and Italy.

21- Getting up quickly always makes me light-headed no matter what. No, I don’t have a blood problem. I don’t think anyways.
22- is my least favorite number.  Has been for years.
23- “I didn’t do it!” is my automatic response if something goes wrong. Usually I’m right.
24- Right before we moved to California when I was a toddler, my mom snagged my eye socket/brow on the car door. It’s my favorite scar.
25- I’ve seen 5 of my singing idols perform live: Celine Dion, LeAnn Rimes, Reba McEntire, Lea Salonga, and Lea Michele.

26- Things I collect: pokemon video games, gaming consoles on which to play them, SIMS games, movies, and books.
27- Combat video games are the BOMB! Give me Tekken or Mortal Kombat and I’m a happy camper.
28- I’d like to be able to cook, but I’m not good yet.
29- The boobs are the most awesome part of my body. True story.
30- Milk has been my least favorite drink for a large majority of my life. Chocolate milk is a completely different story, however.

31- For my 10th birthday, I was given a gold fish I named Ruby who lived for 2.5 years. She was evil and fat.
32- Upon graduating high school, I bought a beta fish named Jadias who lived for 1.5 years. He was evil too, but at least he looked cool.
33- My favorite memories from high school include choir and theater.
34- I didn’t become body conscious until I was 19 when I realized that I’d gained 30 pounds as a result of discontinuing dance yet continuing to eat horribly.
35- 5 years of my life was dedicated to Clayton Productions–singing, dancing, and performing.

36- My first major performance was for 2,000 people on my cruise ship when I was a wee lass of 11. I sang Memory from Cats. Definitely a favorite moment of mine. I got a standing O!
37- Ever since first grade, my teachers all recognized that I had exceptional writing abilities.
38- Speaking of writing, that’s what I’d do at recess instead of playing kickball. (I was a wuss!)
39- Born on a Thursday. Been mad my entire life because it wasn’t a Friday since my birthday is on the 13th of October.
40- Ariel and Aurora will always be my favorite Disney princesses. I relate most to Rapunzel though.

41- My memory is insanely good. But it’s extremely selective.
42- I remember dreams I had when I was 2. Only the scary ones.
43- Christmas music CAN be listened to year-round.
44- Swings are one of my very favorite things in the world.
45- I fully believe that my cousins are the coolest kids in the world.

46- Zumba is my absolute favorite workout because it feels like a party! That’s why I got certified to teach!
47- People can tell me anything. I won’t judge them or spill the beans either.  I’m an iron vault baby!
48- I may have a good memory, but I forget a lot of things. Like why I got up from my comfy bed to head downstairs. Or remembering to respond to messages on any social medium.
49- “Dude” is androgynous in my vocabulary.
50- My favorite song in the entire world is “Whatever You Imagine” from The Pagemaster.

51- I’ve been with WeightWatchers since January of 2009. I love it!
52- My first real boyfriend was the son of the woman I am named after.
53- I always fall for the funny guys. Seriously, if they can’t make me laugh, it’s a no go from day one.
54- Les Miserables is the best musical ever produced. I’ve seen it 4 times. Once was on Broadway (with Lea Salonga) and another was in the West End. Yes, it’s the best.
55- Dental hygiene is very important to me. I thank my mom for my good teeth genes.

56- I’m more active now than I ever have been in my entire life. I was a lazy child unless we had a trampoline.
57- I’m an insanely curious little thing which is why I like learning and travel so much.
58- I’m obsessed with British phone booths… the ones with the square panes, not the rectangles. Those suck. They must be square-paned–they were made first!
59- Now that you mention it, I love practically anything British.
60- I’ve traced my dad’s family back to before Christ. My great (raised to the 12th) grandfather is Baron Henry Percy. And yes, it’s all fascinating!

61- My blondeness shows a lot more than I like to admit. I’m a bit of a ditz.
62- I probably know more jokes than you. Unfortunately, I’m not that great at telling them.
63- Biting my nails is probably my worst habit. That’s why I like having them done so I’m less likely too.
64- I’ve known how to use HTML and CSS code ever since I was 11. I’m that good.
65- Ever heard of Neopets?  I’ve been on it for nearly 11 years. Wow… that’s kinda weird!  But I enjoy it on occasion, not as much as I used to though.

66- My body has been trained to sing and dance simultaneously so those “how intense is your workout” diagrams typically don’t work for me.
67- My dreams are excessively weird, vivid, and I remember way too many of them.
68- “Horsing Around” was the title of the first chapter story that I finished. It’s about 60 pages. I finished it when I was 11. Now I don’t know where it is. :(
69- In theory, I hate techno and screamo music.
70- I’m guilty of listening to Hilary Duff on my iPod on occasion even though I can’t stand her.

71- I make up random combination words all the time. Like frustricate, nastass, etc.
72- When something good or exciting happens, I often exclaim “Jimmy Crack Corn!”
73- The TV shows I’m addicted to include Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Once Upon a Time, Glee, Revenge and Vampire Diaries.
74- Every Christmas season, I go and see a semi-professional community theatre production of The Christmas Carol. Missed it once in 8 years.

75- My top choice cities to live in would be San Diego, NYC, Boston, and London.
76- I love reminiscing with old videos, photos, and songs I used to listen to as a kid.
77- Sometimes I think I spend too much time thinking about the past and the future and not enough in the present.
78- The only time I ever cheated on the test, I gave everyone else the answers too. I had printed something after I finished my test, went up to the printer and found the answers on it as well. Teacher wasn’t there so I shared! Haha…
79- Rings are my favorite kind of jewelry. My Claddagh and “Mikael” rings are always on!
80- I love crosses. Two of my necklaces have crosses. My mom’s parents hate them.

81- I tend to make weird noises and exclamations a lot.
82- Pineapple and blueberries are my favorite fruits.
83- If I’m ever in a bad mood, give me a bag of Reese’s. They are my all-time favorite candy. But then prepare for my wrath when I finish them because you “made” me eat them.
84- When faced with Pez, I’m like a crack addict.
85- Bubble gum and singing too much is what ruined my jaw.

86- I prefer playing the piano by ear and making up my own tunes and baselines rather than following the actual music.
87-  is one of my favorite numbers… I never understood why.
88- I like singing in bathrooms.  It’s the acoustics!
89- People often look at me funny because I bust out dancing in random situations.
90- Sea food is the devil. Except clam chowder. And tuna. And my new-found love for certain kinds of sushi.

91- It’s not hard to keep me happy or entertained. Simple mind, simple pleasures.
92- Some part of my body is almost always keeping some kind of rhythm or beat (translation: I struggle holding still).
93- I’d be lying if I said I don’t hold grudges for extended periods of time. I usually have good reason though. In my mind.
94- Favorite animals: white tigers, orcas, horses and elephants.
95- When my brother was a baby, I’d crawl into his crib early in the morning just to look at him. Until he woke up and cried. Then I’d start crying too.

96- My ears often play tricks on me as to what I’m actually hearing. Sometimes someone talking will sound like they are singing. It’s weird.
97- The most beautiful songs in the world are Mi Mancherai by Josh Groban and Nella Fantasia/Gabriel’s Oboe from The Mission.
98- I rarely feel lonely, but when I do… it’s truly crippling. Tears are usually involved.
99- Stargazing is one of my favorite things to do at night.
100- I miss the marathon make-out sessions that people do when they are teenagers.
101- My dad moved to Vegas in January of 2010 so I go there every chance I get to see him. And to party it up! Clubs in Vegas are THE best.

If you managed to make it through this whole list, you’ve just become my friend.  Comment below if you did! =)

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Whoa that’s a LOOOOONG list! But I must say you have a knack at keeping me interested… Lol! You are one weird/awesome chick! =]

Comment by Marliz3e

LOL thank you! I can’t believe you read through the whole thing! Thanks! We are now friends forever ;)

Comment by Mikael

I really like this list. It makes me feel like I know you.

Comment by Glindasgal

So much of this list makes me smile.

Music from The Mission!

I also strongly dislike sea food – but I also include the tuna and clam chowder in my dislike. :)

Comment by TJ

I’ll try to do one of these myself! I loved it!

Comment by bajanpoet

Thanks! You should! ;)

Comment by Mikael

Obviously you’re extremely talented, not exactly knowing which way to go (i think). And sensitive too, like an antenna receiving way to much noise than the mind can bear. I am your friend now and i will never run away. huggs and best wishes.

Comment by gladiuspoeticus

Aw thank you so much! Thanks for reading the 101… I feel like it’s the longest thing ever. Hugs back!

Comment by Mikael

I wrote a little something for you, in celebration of our friendship. Check it out here http://gladiuspoeticus.wordpress.com/2012/06/13/runaway-puppy-1o1-for-mikael/

Comment by gladiuspoeticus

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